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Lions and Tigers, Markhor and Wildebeeste
Jostle for space in my store with Dik-Dik and Duiker.
Head mount, Shoulder mount, Full mount

Names to conjure with are Van Ingen and Rowland Ward

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bg16 - Duiker Head
Mounted on wooden shield c. 1910  £85

bg17- Bushbuck by Rowland Ward
A top class shoulder mount with good colour.  Label states "Bushbuck, Block 78, 13- 11- 1973"  £400

bg18 - Reedbuck by Gerrard
A good quality Reedbuck head by Gerrard of London and mounted on a wooden shield. Painted inscription (Gold) states "Reedbuck (Ram) Morobetsi River, Borotseland, Sept 1907"  £375

bg19 - Impala by Gerrard
A good quality Impala head by Gerrard of London, mounted on wooden shield with inscription in gold lettering "Impala (Ram) Machili River, Barotseland, 1907"  £375

bg20 - Warthog
A good modern small Warthog head.  £450 SOLD