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Larger cases with a large number of specimens

Go no further

These large cases are close to my heart.  They are usually pre 1900 and often seethe with birds and animals

If you only have one case in your house, this is what you should buy.

These large cases are getting rare.  Do not miss the opportunity




mc13 - Mergansers
Gigantic box case with with two pairs of Mergansers standing on rockwork watching their 5 young swimming in a pool below.  60 ins long x 30 ins deep.   Signed by the taxidermist on a pebble, this is a real conversation piece.  £750

mc14 - Property of my ex-Mother-in-Law
Super little box case with Cuckoo, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Crossbill and two Blue Tits (no jokes please).  Please buy this case and put me out of my misery!  £230