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Victorian and Edwardian Mammals

Look no further

You are likely to find plenty of cases by
Jeffries of Carmarthen and Hutchings of Aberystwyth here

In both cases their foxes and badgers are superb

Lots else as well – even some foreigners




m13 - Bushbuck Fawn
Reputedly by Rowland Ward, this superb little antelope is mounted as though it is resting, but alert. Currently it sits on my desk.  £500
m14 - Wild Boar
Head mounted on shield.  £300
m15 - Wild Boar
A good powerful shoulder mount.  £450
m16 - Roe Deer
A handsome Roe Deer head and shoulder mount.  £165
m17 - Badger Mask
As tough looking as they come. This really solid looking Badger Head comes on shield with inscription "Winstone Manor Farm, Demon and Duchess, Jan 28th 1919. In totally original and unrestored condition.  £220