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Go no further

Goldcrest and Golden Eagle
Perch side by side in my storeroom

I have a particular liking for two Welsh Taxidermists
Hutchings of Aberystwyth and Jeffries of Carmarthen.

But you will find birds here by other well known Victorian
Taxidermists and I always have many more in stock.

If you don’t see it here – ring and see if I have one




b16 - Golden Plover
A really lively pair of Golden Plover, possibly by Mountney of Cardiff in a glass sided case with naturalistic background.  £365

b17 - Red Grouse
2 Red Grouse, a Woodcock and a Green Woodpecker in box case by Hutchings of Aberystwyth. Very good condition for age, Bears trade label.  £660

b18 - Jay & Green Woodpecker
A very good clean bright case by Jeffries of Carmarthen c.1910. The birds mounted in a glass sided case with naturalistic background.  £350

b19 - Black Headed Gull
Mounted in glass sided case by Jeffries of Carmarthen and set in a naturalistic background.  £220

b20 - Great Indian Hornbill
A really old specimen, uncased, pre 1860 and not in the very best condition.  The reason for its demise is obvious as the bill is peppered with shot holes! However this is a really unusual bird to find.  Don't miss it  £250