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  with a special focus on new energy technology center, "industry-university-institute" cooperation for involves the fundamental and crucial in this industry and the development of generic technology, adhere to the "with enterprise as the main body, take the market as the guidance, the combination of" technological innovation path.
Company research and development center with electrochemical, material, machinery, equipment, automation, electronics, management and other multi-disciplinary professional engineering and technical personnel more than 70 highly qualified technical team, including 6 doctor (including one of tsinghua university postdoctoral), master of 15, hired as the company's chief scientist, chairman of the electrochemical society of China, also hired a number of member of both houses as science adviser, and with the wuhan university, south China university of technology, south China normal university, and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions have good relations of cooperation. A series of major scientific and technological achievements and new and high technology research and development achievements in the enterprise and enterprise application transformation, created remarkable economic and social benefits.
R&d center area of about 1500 square meters, equipped with a comprehensive high-tech research and development testing instruments, set up the performance, safety performance, and a series of laboratory, have complete testing capability of research and development. R&d centers around the metal lithium (Li) as the cathode of the high energy lithium battery research and development work, including lithium lithium/manganese dioxide battery (Li/MnO2), lithium/sulfur (Li/S), and lithium polymer batteries, etc., in addition to the development of these batteries basic electrochemical principle, preparation technology, at the same time to focus on developing the technology industrialization, including the preparation of machinery, automation equipment, process control, mould and fixture, etc.

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