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      After years of development, the new energy technology center has developed a series of high-performance lithium-ion battery production and application technology group, high and low temperature technology, such as the limit capacity of super long play technology, dynamic 60 c technology patents.
My company has the battery formula, structure, manufacture a series of patents and proprietary technology, build up a complete system of independent intellectual property rights; Established disciplines is complete, reasonable degree level of research and development team, and hired represented by members of domestic senior experts consultant team, cooperation with colleges and universities and research institutions to carry out the production, to undertake and completed many national provincial scientific research project, to ZhaQuanXing as director of the Chinese academy of science and technology achievements appraisal experts believe that, new energy development of lithium battery has reached the international advanced level at a time. There are 48 achievements and new and high technology products passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements and new product launch appraisal, and put into mass production, and has reached the international advanced level and international leading level. A national key new product successively obtained, provincial excellent new product award, science and technology progress award, paragraphs 2 and more than 30 second/third prizes, several projects have been listed as national torch plan, spark program key torch program and.
"Yearly produces 90 million on time" project was listed in 100 key projects in liaoning province. 19 to apply for patents, 3 authorized invention patents, participate in establish national and industry standards for 7 items.

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