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                                                                             Innovation team
Was a new group at the beginning of the creation, put forward the "common to create, share" business philosophy, and always adhere to the "new energy provided more convenient for people" the corporate philosophy to attract and embodies the talented person, always adhere to the use of "create, share" values the company at all levels of talent training and education, guide and help the company the staff set up to "common progress, share" as the core values, new energy.
With over the years, new energy, is the "common progress, share the" enterprise culture, rally, condensation, built by a enjoy government subsidies of the state council of experts, professor, doctor, master's and MBA and other high-quality talent of elite team with the same values. , new energy "common progress, share" embodies the corporate philosophy and corporate culture as a magnetic field, new heart, new energy talents, it is because the new have such a contingent of talents who are have the same values, and new in the past ten years, has the difficult and tortuous and complicated market environment, realize the sustainable, healthy and rapid development, win the business competition.
At present, the company employees 3500 people, among them, the company has all kinds of engineering and technical personnel 268 people, including three expert enjoying special allowance of the state council), a line of production personnel, senior technicians account for 20%. Company actively advocating personnel differentiation development, on the basis of the same values in combination with different post demand, differentiation of talent training, establish a have the same values, good professional ethics, higher professional skills, positive and innovative high-quality staff team, for the continuous development, new provides effective human resources guarantee. To cultivate enterprise urgently needed talents, the company invested more than 500 ten thousand yuan every year for enterprises of all kinds of talent education and training. In addition, the company also by guiding the graduate and undergraduate subject and thesis, carrying out scientific research and personnel training work. In training talents for the society at the same time, also for enterprises to choose and cultivate a large number of talents, to there are a large number of excellent graduates to stay in the business, the new group work.

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