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New group, after years of forge ahead with innovation and development, on the basis of the enterprise research and development center, 2006, was approved by guangdong provincial enterprise technology center, and in 2008 was approved as the first batch of private enterprises in guangdong province province postdoctoral scientific research base, in 2009 was approved by guangdong provincial enterprise engineering technology research center, was approved in 2009 for the country's first innovative pilot enterprises, in 2010 was approved as national torch plan key high-tech enterprises, in 2010 was approved as national post-doctoral scientific research workstation. Innovation platform construction, the new group and the introduction of high-quality innovative talents for its continuous, healthy and rapid development provides a strong technical support.
Mr New postdoctoral research station since its establishment, adhere to "strengthening technological innovation, developing hi-tech, realizing industrialization" guidelines, to strengthen scientific and technological achievements into productivity transformation in the middle of the process, improve the level of maturity, compatibility, and engineering of scientific and technological achievements.
Postdoctoral research station construction, not only brought honor for the enterprise, but also for the technological progress and rapid development of the enterprise to create the good opportunity, the construction of innovation platform will effectively promote the upgrading of lithium battery processing products, strengthen enterprise technology innovation ability, promoting university-industry cooperation, scientific and technological progress to promote enterprise and industry, maximise the virtuous cycle of talents, technology and economy three aspects, for the enterprise's technological progress and industrial structure adjustment to provide strong technical support.

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