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Talent Strategy
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Talent introduce ourselves
                                                                                Talent strategy
Establish a standardized system of human resource management, create healthy and harmonious working environment, condensed talents with culture, enterprise growth development of personnel, organizational learning, improve talent, modern system protection talent, borrowing integration of external resources, construction of creative consciousness, team spirit and outstanding expertise in high quality talent team, to form a management team, with the same values as good ", "image, to provide rapid development, new energy and strong human resources guarantee.
The core location:
Talent, using culture to create opportunities to develop talent; Organizational learning, training talents, retain talent property rights system, and retain talent of profit distribution.
The core values
The pursuit of excellence, with enterprising spirit, and strive to become the industry leading enterprises.
Quality first, with responsible attitude, providing products and services beyond customer expectations.
Create value, contribute to the country, has value to customers, help staff.
Your word: efforts to achieve to customers, commitment to colleagues.
Teamwork: with good communication, to achieve a win-win and win-win results.
Talent concept:
People must develop, development for all people, must be able to comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development, development needs to be balanced in terms of relationships and interests.
Incentive mechanism:
Combined with the performance appraisal system of salary distribution provide a broad display stage for the employees self-fulfillment and huge space for development.

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