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About Us
Enterprise capabilities
Corporate Culture
OAK Philosophy: to provide more convenient new energy for human being
OAK Mission: to become a leader in the field of new energy!
Strategic vision: build a advantages of international competitiveness of the creator of new energy manufacturer and customer value.
Management policy: people-oriented, scientific management, innovation, continuous improvement, to create a healthy and safe working environment for employees, to provide customers with satisfaction and expectations of new energy products, create value for shareholders and stakeholders, build environment friendly and resource-saving enterprises for the society, people, companies, the harmonious development of social and natural.
Management objectives: big safety accident is zero, patient satisfaction and employee occupational health and safety by more than 85%; To provide customers with one hundred percent qualified products, customer satisfaction product and process a qualified rate of more than 85%, and maintain more than 15% improvement rate; Pollutant emission control one hundred percent, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and gradually achieve zero emissions.
Enterprise spirit:, lithium, omnipotent
Professional ethics: loyalty, unity, dedication, perseverance
Business philosophy: to rely on economic development in science and technology, to create wealth to give back to society
Name meaning: oak comes from the Olympic spirit, persistent pursuit, constantly upward.
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