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   OAK   new group is one of the largest lithium-ion battery production enterprises in China, the company in a professional, team management, winning by strategy. Company since its inception has been focused on lithium ion batteries and new energy solutions in the research, production and sales.
The company since its inception, in order to "become a leader in the field of new energy" as the goal, adhere to the "big trend, big market, less competition," the development and management principle, direction for lithium-ion polymer battery product industry, formed by polymer battery, electronic cigarette batteries, batteries and other products production and sales of 18650 the main business.
At present, the company has developed into China's lithium battery led the development of the industry leading enterprises. The company in 2010 by the national ministry of science and technology, state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council and the national federation of trade unions jointly approved as the national first batch of innovative enterprises and national key high-tech enterprises and national postdoctoral workstation station unit. , President and chairman of the board of directors of the company Zhou Shaoqian has long served as China's new energy professional committee and other relevant industry and professional associations and learn the important position, the company also undertake and participate in the lithium battery many new materials and new products of national and industry standards drafting and formulating, for our country made positive contributions to the development of new energy industry.
In recent years, the company implements the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of fast and harmony. At present, the g new energy has yearly produces 90 million ampere hour production capacity. And with each branch gradually establish, at present, the company has the ability to safeguard the company's products in 3 ~ 24 hours to the customer's site.

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